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Welcome to the World Hotel

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1 Welcome to the World Hotel on Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:56 pm


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2 Re: Welcome to the World Hotel on Sat Mar 14, 2015 6:59 pm

Night time in the hotel was like its own brand of hell.. Ein had been trapped here for almost 4 years now. one of his favorite places was a cafe that only appeared at night and always was somewhere different the next night, but he had an idea of where it was tonight.

as he traversed the corridors with his lamp a bundle of shadows creeped up behind him encasing the hallway but staying just out of the light as if it made some sort of invisible wall between them, Ein turned around and the shadow pressed against the wall, avoiding direct eye contact he gazed at the creature with a smirk from his peripheral; he could see the numerous red eyes glowing there deadly glare at him, a decrepit arm slowly creeped out from the shadows.. its long glowing claws scratching at the edge of the light trying to find a way in.

"BOO!" Ein shook his lantern at the Fear and it hissed and retreated into the wall.

Exiting the hall into a sort of communal area he smiled as he spotted the entrance to the Cafe, its lights glowing yellow in the otherwise dark halls of the hotel.
Walking up to the door the sign read -OPEN- next to it was another sign with a small silver bell above it that read "Ring 3 times to enter" he grabbed the cord and gave the bell a jostle before turning the handle and walking in.

inside there were a few other guests, people he didn't really know
the bartender greeted him and he sat at a random empty booth and ordered a drink.

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3 Re: Welcome to the World Hotel on Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:26 pm

Gregor had been trapped just a few months in this hellish hotel, but he liked this hell. He loved the challenge of a fight, and this hotel gave him that challenge, something that life had never given him.

He smiled. It was nighttime, and nighttime meant fun for him. He took two bandoliers full of shotgun shells that he had bought and put one on each of his shoulders. He switched his belt with one that carried even more ammunition along with a slot for his lantern. He preferred to carry his lantern on his hip, so he would have both have both hands for his double barrel shotgun at all times. He finally put one bandolier on each leg and a bowie knife with its sheath near his right ankle.

Gregor picked up his shotgun, loaded it, turned on the lantern on his hip and entered the hallway.

Thankfully he did not have to stumble for too long until he found something to kill. A pack of Dahl was down the hallway his room was in. Gregor knew that his shotgun didn’t have too much range, so he yelled at them in order to have them run at him. The Dahls immediately heard the yells and ran straight at him. "They don't learn" he whispered to himself and opened fire, taking out three of the creatures thanks to the spread of his shotgun. He did not reload, as he knew that Dahls were too fast for that. Instead, he grabbed his shotgun from the barrel and swung it at the first monster that got into reach, knocking it against the wall of the hallway. He continued swinging it until all the monsters were knocked out or dead, and finished the few still breathing with his knife.

This night he knew an area which he wanted to explore. He had heard the whereabouts of a cafe that only appeared at that time and on a different location every time.

After an hour of stumbling around and fighting monsters, he found the door. It was pretty obvious, there was a big 'OPEN' sign right in front of it, and a silver bell with another sign that said 'Ring three times to enter'. He rang it three times, and turned the doorknob. The door opened. He saw yellow glowing lights, something that he hadn't seen before at nighttime.

There were more people inside, some of them he had seen when he stumbled across the hallways and some that he had never seen. One caught his eye. He looked barely over eighteen, yet he seemed to have been here for a while. How young was him when he entered this place?
He said hello to the bartender, and walked to the kid's table. "Good Evening" he said with his raspy voice.

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4 Re: Welcome to the World Hotel on Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:38 pm

Ein looked up almost in shock at the sudden raspy greeting from the stranger.
"oh uhh, hello" he gave a small wave with a smile
"would you like to sit?"
he motioned to the other side of the booth.
:it seems you were also lucky enough to find this place"
he chuckled feeling a bit awkward around the new guy, he was an older man gruff and strong looking, like one of those hunters from the 20's with there pith helmets and long rifles.

his shotgun was covered in black stains, Ein knew the black blood of the Dahl all too well it seemed as though it hadn't dried all too long ago, he must be quite the good fighter to have taken them on with a shotgun, he wondered to himself what other kind of strange ability's the Hotel had given the stranger.

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5 Re: Welcome to the World Hotel on Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:03 pm


“Yes, thank you.” Gregor responded. He sat just in front of the Kid and put his shotgun to his left. He gave him a quick look, he didn’t look like a fighter. His clothes had some minor snags and cuts that he could had gotten just by using his clothes.

His concentration was broken by the Kid. “It seems like you were also lucky enough to find this place.” He looked nervous; it seemed that Gregor made him uncomfortable. It was understandable; he was way older than him, and he looked a bit menacing. The Kid chuckled, but Gregor ignored it.
“Yes, I heard some rumors and decided to check the place out. The big OPEN sign made it obvious.” Said Gregor with a smile. He seemed to hate this place, or at least it wasn’t easy for him to survive here.
One of the waiters came, and Gregor ordered a beer. “So, I was wondering how you had survived so far. You know, being young and alone. You don’t seem strong either.” He said in an interested tone. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw two figures dressed in red entering the café. “Oh, were are my manners? Name’s Gregor” He offered his right hand to the kid.

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6 Re: Welcome to the World Hotel on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:14 pm

As the man sat down in the booth across to him Ein could hear the leather rub against his cloths. as the man spoke Ein began to relax, he could feel a sort of warmth from him and as the man smiled he reminded Ein of a character named Braum from a game he used to play before he was trapped inside the hotel.

as Ein began to answer the waiter walked up and the man ordered a drink and the offered his name with an apology.
"dont worry about it" he said "my name is Ein" he streatched out his had and shook Gregor's hand
returning to his question Ein had to think for a second.
"well i have died 4?... times i think?" he examined his hands with a solemn look "it takes a piece of you every time, but the hotel has also given me a gift" tensing his hands a blue light began to form and shortly a small blue glass-like ball had formed a bit smaller than a tennis ball, inside it seemed as though a great blue storm was swirling around. "this is one thing that has kept me alive so far, and this" he reached around to his back pulling out a strangely shaped red sword "and this is the other"

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7 Re: Welcome to the World Hotel on Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:06 pm


“Ein. Nice to meet you.” He said as he shaked hands with the kid. The name was fitting, he did look like an energetic young boy.

“That’s… Interest- Wait. You can die and just come back?” Gregor interrupted himself as he was about to comment on Ein’s powers, confused. “That takes away all the fun!” The waiter arrived with his beer just as he finished his sentence. He thanked the man and took a long sip directly from the bottle, ignoring the glass that the waiter had brought. The kid spoke again after a short period of silence, showing a weirdly shaped red sword. It was about the size of a long sword, but it was very thin, it did not have the mass to deal mayor injuries. The fact that the zone of the guard had a big round hole and that the blade itself had some holes too did not help it with that, either. It didn’t look like the kid was able to use that sword to defend himself, unless it was special in some kind of way. Some of the parts looked like they could move, but Gregor did not know what they would achieve. He must have been depending mostly on his powers to survive, even though those did not seem powerful. He was not a magic expert, after all. Then, it struck him. Blue balls. “Well, we could say that you have blue balls, can’t we?” He said with a wide grin. “Anyways, those are some interesting weapons. I tend to go with simpler things, like Bertha” Gregor continued, pointing at his shotgun.

He glanced at the red figures that had entered the café not long ago once more. They seemed to be having a discussion with the bartender. He did not know who those figures were, but they didn’t look too human. Darkness seemed to come out from under their hoods, as if they didn’t have a face. Gregor took another sip from his bottle and looked at the kid again. “For how long have you been here? You seem like you have seen a good chunk of this place.”

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8 - Lost - on Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:28 pm


The whispers... They get louder every night.

Find what..?

What am I looking for..?

Threading through an endless maze, trapped in an eternal darkness, I've lost track of time.
How long has it been since I've had any form of interaction with another man?

-Wings flutter-

Ah my only friend, how long have you been waiting for me? I've always wondered why you've stayed with me even though you had the freedom of flight. Is it because even outside of the hell hole, no life exist? Is there no light at the end of this tunnel?

-Ruffles feathers-

You'd think that after a millennium had past, I'd have found a way to interact with birds, but that's a whimsical dream.

Why haven't we both died yet?

I have forgotten my own name, I've titled myself "Verloren"  // Lost // , because if i had met another man, I wouldn't say I'm Jozef, Alexei or whatever my name had been.

"Im lost.." That would be my identity.

My feathered friend takes on the name Vertrag // Contract //
I've never had to feed him, he is disciplined, he kills only when he is hungry.
I've grown fond of him, our memories are simple, we don't have any. Like a spirit, he exists in my heart and mind. his presence is warm.

I whispered.
// I must find myself //

After hearing this, Vertrag hops on to my wrist and looks me in the eyes one last time before burying his beak into my veins. He severs the line between life and death.

If I wanted some comeback I would've wiped it off your mother's chin.
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9 Re: Welcome to the World Hotel on Sat May 02, 2015 12:35 pm

Ein laughed a little at Gregors comment about dying "well first off it really hurts" he put away his sword back into its holster as he spoke "not the actual dying.. but waking up in your room the next day.. its like your whole body has been flayed and you were dipped in salt" he shivered a bit at the thought "your whole body burning"

"Haha" Ein laughed at Gregors comment -"blue balls" well it has been a while- he thought to himself

Ein noticed Gregor was eyeing two other suspicious guests who had come in but tried not to make it obvious "i guess you could get used to it" He quickly realised how that sounded  "i mean the dying... thing"

Ein leaned in on the table using one of his arms to hold up his head "well, i think its been about" holding up a hand to count "4 years?.. hmm" sitting back in his seat he crossed his arms "you kinda just lose track after so long, i know a decent chink though.. im not sure if i could ever know the whole thing.. i feel like parts of it change sometimes"

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